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Welcome to the inside of James Braithwaite. Feel free to look around, watch an animation, and gawk at some drawings. I recommend smelling your monitor repeatedly to get the maximum effect.

I Met the Walrus

This 2007 film was made with the lovely and hairy Josh Raskin and Alex Kurina. We got our grubby hands […]

We made a video for Google.

See the long list of credits here. http://www.expensiveshit.com/google.html

H2Oil Animation

 These animated sequences were made with the dangerous duo of Dale Hayward and Sylvie Trouve of La Moustache, now See […]

Tourism Montreal

This was a print campaign done for Sid Lee to entice tourists to visit Montreal. The campaign was centred on […]

Persistent Infection!

Hello there! I am looking for a javascript programmer to help create three interactive prototypes for my upcoming NFB film, […]

The Microscope

This is an illustration based on an article about the human biome, and the trillions of evolving bacteria that keep […]

A gentle sketchbook romancing

This was part of the artwork I made for a pitch to the NFB.  

Wiretap animation for the CBC.

This was a little animation I made with Stephen Evans for Wiretap, the hilarious radio show on CBC radio. I […]

Les Grands Penseurs

    This is a piece that I worked on with Karina Garcia-Casanova and Darren Pasemko. The music is by […]

Financial Times.

This was part of a series I did for the Financial Times in 2010. It was designed as a kind […]

Dose Magazine.

This was a little something I cooked up with Fred Casia. 

Artwork for the Guatemalan Handshake.

For was artwork I did for the excellent film, the Guatemalan Handshake. This little beauty was directed by Todd Rohal, […]

Bear Paws cookie commercial.

This was a job I did with Fred Casia, the world’s greatest human. 

The Real Estate Agents of Believer Magazine.

A couple years I had the opportunity to work with the lovely Andrew Leland and the other rascals at The […]