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Welcome to the inside of James Braithwaite. Feel free to look around, watch an animation, and gawk at some drawings. I recommend smelling your monitor repeatedly to get the maximum effect.

So, I got married (to a human woman!)

There are a bunch of things I wanted to include on this invite, that didn’t quite make it through the […]

I Met the Walrus

This 2007 film was made with the lovely and hairy Josh Raskin and Alex Kurina. We got our grubby hands […]

You don’t get a monocle and tophat by making friends.

This was part of the series of drawings I did for All You Can Eat, the food based art show […]

Cottage Life Half Pager.

Here is a half-page illustration I did about the dangers of tracking sand back into your cottage.

Old YPF drawing.

The Young People’s Foundation is an art collective I have been a part of for 7 or 8 years. Although […]

We made a video for Google.

See the long list of credits here. http://www.expensiveshit.com/google.html

I’m no religious scholar, but. . .

I think this was somewhere in the back of the Bible, right next to the shout outs to the Day’s […]

A Crest for the UNORT road trip.

I had the pleasure of joining this fantastic motorcycle journey last year. I was in charge of driving a hilariously […]

Toronto Life: Urban Diplomat

Here is a little illustration I did for the Urban Diplomat section of Toronto Life Magazine in 2012. 

Abraham Lincoln: Romance Warrior.

Abraham Lincoln never got the full respect he deserves. How about a little love for the bearded wild man.